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They're the same results I've helped hundreds of other men and women achieve over the past 18 years.

Imagine... Getting up every morning and being able to do exactly what you want because you have the independence and resources to do so.

Well that’s my aim for you and, if you'll allow me... I’ll personally guide you every week until your “New Lifestyle” becomes a reality.

More on how I do this a latter later...

For now... let me begin by sharing a profound lesson I learned while watching a lady knit. It's the lesson that transformed me from a penniless potter to a multi-millionaire.

Warning... if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix or a false set of promises that waste your time and money, you’d better click off now because that's not what I'm about...

I'm offering you certainty, confidence and independence not empty, "get rich quick" promises.

Stop trying to solve the wrong problem first

One of the reasons why so few people achieve financial independence no matter how hard they try... is because they're encouraged to solve the wrong problem first.

It seems unbelievable that I could learn such a liberating lesson simply by watching a lady knit. But I did and now I want to share it with you.

Let's be clear about one thing... even though you might think you have a problem with money... you don't. In fact, if you're like most people, right now you have a perfect relationship with money. Trouble is... it's perfect for the social engineers but it's not perfect for you.

And that’s why your “How To” make money strategies haven't worked  in the past. But I'm going to help you fix this.

Right now, I just want you to understand that you’re in the right place if you’re tired of endless work/pay cycles that leave you with mounting debt and no freedom.

You’re in the right place if you want to shrink your mortgage and end the stress that comes with trying to make more money.

You’re in the right place if you’ve spent countless hours doing courses that gave you nothing... and bags of money on information that hasn’t worked for you... and now you’re a bit skeptical that things will ever work for you.

You’re certainly in the right place if your frustration levels have hit the point of despair because of all the empty “secrets” and “promises” you’ve experienced in the past.

If you worry about not being able to support your independence in future years, or your children's education fund, you’re not alone. I can’t count the number of nights I’d wake in a cold sweat thinking the same things.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have a financial buffer to protect yourself if things go wrong all of a sudden… now is the time to act. I don’t want you to waste another minute on things that simply don't work.

So instead of wasting more time and money, you can have full confidence that if you continue on your journey with me... your results are about to change.

Here's how they've changed for Scott M...

"It has been the most eye opening information I have ever received. I have been interested in this subject all my life yet every book I have read or information I have gathered seems to be written in some sort of secret code...

"The concepts you discuss are crystal clear and actionable with zero ambiguity. Since beginning the work with Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program I have been able to better understand my own behaviors surrounding money, and modify them to accelerate my success in real time.

"Understanding my behavior and how I was conditioned along with everyone else to spend, either to fuel the economy, or conspicuously to keep up with the Jackson's, I now have a new and very welcome sense of calm about how I look at money. I'm still learning every day, but my direction is clear and because the information you offer is what I consider “Fully Integrated Honesty”, my confidence in it and where it will take me has soared."

For years I felt like Old Mother Hubbard

If you want the same experiences as Scott... I'll tell you how to get them later.

But let me continue with how I'm now in a position to mentor people like you and Scott...

Until I learned about the social engineering behind why most people don't succeed financially, I would often cry silently at night because I felt like Old Mother Hubbard every time I looked into my bank account.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard,
To give the poor dog a bone;
When she came there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.

Sometimes I only had enough money for a few days.

Sometimes, I was living in my car more than a house!

Maybe you feel the same.

Maybe you're just plain tired of the fact that you haven't got the freedom you want and the rewards you're entitled to for all the hard work you've been doing.

Well all this is about to change.

If you're not as independent as you would like to be, don't worry because it's NOT YOUR FAULT... Society socially engineers it that way.

Warning... The following information is going to make you mad. In fact, I hope it makes you angry.

It made me sick to my stomach when I discovered what was going on.

And you have every right to be troubled too because of all the years and money you’ve lost to false societal promises.

And this is where I need you to pay attention because it’s really important that you understand where these false promises are coming from.

The widening gap between rich and poor isn't happening by accident, it's happening because of social design.

The reasons you’re not experiencing the lifestyle you want has nothing to do with your level of education, your profession, your job, your brain power or your ability.

It has everything to do with the long-term financial training (conditioning) you’ve been exposed to over the years.

In order for an economy to keep growing, society needs you to follow certain types of money behaviours. To get you to follow these behaviours, instead of teaching you how to grow and multiply your money once you've earned it, you're conditioned to continually deplete your money in pay cycles of “earn… spend…& borrow”!

These cycles guarantee that you remain within tightly defined money boundaries... i.e. just enough to get by... but not enough to give you independence.

Approximately 3% of adults ever achieve what’s considered to be financial freedom.

And in the same way Scott M... is now achieving, I want to accelerate you to the 3%.

But, before I can, I’ve got to bust a few myths on what it takes to get you there.

I want you to have the confidence of understanding that financial freedom doesn’t require millions of dollars. Nor does it require years of hard work with little reward.

They’re the greatest myths of all.

What’s really required are changes in the behaviours you’ve been conditioned with when it comes to money.

And if you can make the small adjustments which I'll help you make, your chances of accelerating to the 3% will take a huge step forward.

If you don't make these small changes, the social tools that keep you working all your life only to end up being concerned about your future... are going to keep you trapped in endless cycles of earn... spend... & borrow...

I want you to understand why these tools are so effective.

Society uses three powerful psychological tools to prevent you from experiencing the joys of more time... money... & freedom...

Social engineers understand that your relationship with money literally predicts your current and future lifestyle.

It also predicts your ability to achieve independence and freedom... and your ability continue living with financial dis-stress.

Society’s job is not to educate you financially; in fact, it's the exact opposite.

It's job is to condition you financially.

All modern economies need workers to be in as much debt as possible in order for the economy to grow. It needs you to spend everything you earn back into the system.

It achieves this by convincing you to spend all your wages each pay cycle on things that have no asset value what so ever. Then it convinces you to spend on credit. This gets you spending future money... money you haven't earned yet.

Then it convinces you to take out huge mortgages... (the literal translation of the word mortgage is "pledge until death"... from the Latin words "mort" and "gage") because debt locks you into the need to keep working.

Spending keeps an economy growing. So the social engineers teach you to be obedient to cycles of earn... spend... & borrow all of your adult working life.

Social engineers don't want you to be free... they want you to spend, spend, and keep spending.

It's your debt that keeps you from financial freedom, not how much money you earn.

It’s why only a 3% minority ever get to experience the financial freedom that’s often held up as your "golden promise" for a life of hard work.

Unfortunately, if you fail to realise that you live in an economic system that needs you to be a good consumer so that you remain obedient, predictable and in service to the financial needs of economic growth, you'll continue to be in service of it, rather than free in it.

These three powerful tools are designed to get you to spend all your earnings".

Society’s “financial education” imprints the idea that you need to spend the money you earn before you can feel rewarded for the job you do.

“Deserve” and “reward” are very difficult to argue against because they’re such powerful motivators and core feelings.

The more you spend, the more you’re encouraged to feel a sense of “reward”.

Because feelings of 'deserve' and 'reward' are so powerfully conditioned into your subconscious, it really becomes a case of "come into my web" said society to the worker.

“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
“Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy… Mary Howitt (1799 - 1888)

I was caught in cycles of earn, spend and borrow for decades...

The longer you keep your money behaviours moving through these cycles, and the more you spend future money via credit and borrowing, the less prosperous you feel and the more unrewarded you become.

It leads to a certain kind of numbness called normality... which means you don't have enough security... or enough money, time, and freedom to do the things you want. It also means you don't "know how" to do things differently.

That's exactly how our social engineers want you to feel... they want you to feel a certain kind of helplessness... because its a feeling that keeps you doing the same old things over and over.

There was a cartoon called Pardon My Planet that put this kind of normalcy into perspective. It appeared in The West Australian newspaper on the 7&8th of Feb, 2015.

It showed a businessman phoning his wife while sitting at his desk in front of a computer screen. The caption says, “I’m sorry hon, but I’m not going to be able to get away from work as soon as I’d hoped. It looks like I'm going to be here at least another thirty five years.”

This is exactly what society’s perfect money relationship wants you to do.

"Conspicuous Consumption" is another  powerful psychological tool designed to keep you trapped!

Conspicuous consumption is the social engineering of spending based on ideas of how we see each other and how we want to be seen by others.

It encourages the subconscious display of spending. It's engineered into subconscious consumer minds as a means of maintaining a certain kind of "image" or "status" within your peer group. Its a social form of importance that’s measured on an unacknowledged social yardstick.

If you don't meet a certain "standard" within your group, you'll feel ostracised, left out and alone.

Conspicuous consumption is promoted as enjoyment in that we're supposed to gain pleasure through the shopping experience. But there’s an even more sinister underlying message that targets the need to “fit in”... so you don’t get left behind or "gossiped" about.

It’s one of the keystone control mechanism of profit making.

You might know it as keeping up with “The Joneses” but it’s much more sinister than this. 

In order to “fit in”, children, teenagers, adolescents and adults are cleverly conditioned into maintaining a certain image based on their peer groups.

In contemporary society, we’re told that happiness and satisfaction are found in material possessions. If we own this, or look like this, or live in this, or wear this, or drink this... then we’ll be happy.

To support this central idea, spending on jewellery, fashion, cars, houses, phones, watches, technology, clothes, entertainment and holidays is heavily promoted.

Rather than spend based on need, you're encouraged to spend in order to satisfy desire because desire creates craving... and craving can never be satisfied where as need can!

Within your psyche, you have an internal driver that seeks to know where you stand in comparison to others.

You’re encouraged to buy goods and services that unconsciously display your economic circumstances to those around you. This is achieved by you unconsciously displaying the amount of income you earn through what you live in, wear or drive.

Mass marketing is designed to continually stir your deepest emotions for updating your wants and desires.

On the surface everything looks normal, but if you haven’t got what you’re told you need, you’re made to feel less than.

You're conditioned to compare yourself to those around you... and if you're not keeping up with your version of The Jones's, unless you break free of this process, you start to experience a form of “status anxiety”.

To avoid disconnection from your peers, you're encouraged to spend in order to “fit in”, connect with and keep up.

The more you're locked into conspicuous consumption, the more predictable your life becomes.

It’s exactly what the profit makers want. It allows them to continue extracting huge profits... and the expense to you is always your freedom.

Another tool that keeps you trapped is designed to make you think you have a "problem with money".

Most make more money products don’t work as long as the design of your perfect money relationship encourages you to think that you’ve got a problem with money.

Thousands of marketers, books, videos, courses and opportunities encourage you to solve your “money problem” by learning various How To... make more money strategies.

These strategies direct you towards real estate, the share market, investing, wealth online, trading, internet marketing, FaceBook advertising, small business, multi-level marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, currency trading, online wealth, or gold and silver accumulation... and on it goes.

Invitations to make more money are everywhere.

And while they’re important, the problem is that they encourage you to solve the wrong problem first...

If you’re trying to build your financial independence on top of money foundations conditioned to lock you in cycles of earn... spend... & borrow, sooner or later your efforts will collapse.

Your perfect money relationship guarantees it. It’s engineered to be predictable, obedient and entrenched.

Predictable because credit is used to ensure you keep spending future money.

because you're subconsciously conditioned to follow the spending patterns of those around you.

Entrenched because unless you learn new money skills, you'll keep doing the same things over and over.

Your money psychology is based on manipulated foundations that lock you into spending in order to make the economy grow each year.

It doesn't matter how much you earn, your spending is encouraged to move to the upper level of what you earn. And debt always nudges your spending over your upper level.

it's a money system that benefits the rich and penalises you. It's not fair because you get fewer rewards year after year and you can never be free to experience the prosperous independence you deserve.

It doesn’t affect you so much while you’re young. You’re taught to simply follow what everybody else is doing. But as you get older, financial dis-stress builds to the point where arguing about money becomes the top predictor of divorce.

It’s crazy when you think about it… but it’s happening every day and people don’t notice the design of their perfect money relationship.

It’s perfect for the huge profit makers... it’s perfect for the banks... and it’s perfect for Governments... but its imperfect for you.

Jane couldn't sleep at night...

Jane rang me one day because her financial soul was starving. She was sick in the pit of her stomach because she couldn't find purpose anymore in what she was doing. Jane was tired of working her fingers to the bone and not getting anywhere.

She had tried course after course, but as soon as she had some difficulty with the information she was learning, the support she was promised evaporated as soon as she began to ask for it.

And try as she might, she just couldn’t fix things by herself. Sadly, she ended up losing a lot of money... and time.

She just couldn’t overcome her old money habits. As you could imagine, her levels of frustration reached the point of overwhelm. That's when her feelings of regret and shame were making her most vulnerable.

She couldn’t talk to anyone about the money she’d lost. And she didn’t want her friends to know that she was financially distressed and had nothing to show for it.

When we finally met, it came as a bit of a relief to Jane because she was finally able to get everything off her chest. Her biggest upset was knowing that she couldn't regain the five years she lost by going down the wrong path.

After we got to know each other, she took advantage of some personal mentoring. And within just a few sessions, Jane began to feel more confident about her future. Her biggest boost came when she realised that her lost money could be regained.

It was just a matter of learning to do things a little differently.

Unfortunately, most people end up wasting thousands of dollars and years of precious time they can never get back.

It's just not possible to succeed at making more money by attempting to solve the wrong problem first.

Remember that the emotional and psychological foundations of earn… spend… and borrow… have been conditioned into your psyche through years of social engineering and mass marketing.

And unless you change your money foundations, you cannot achieve results above what you’ve been trained to do all your life.

But don’t worry... there's hope. But you must solve the right problem first. And that's exactly what Jane did.

If you allow me to help you, I'll lead you through a process that easily allows you to change your money psychology.

And don’t worry about Jane. She regained her confidence, achieved her financial goals and is now living with more fun, more purpose and more intimacy than she's ever experienced before. As rough as her journey had been, she says she wouldn't change a thing because it led her to the decision to reach out for help and find a mentor.

She applied the same lessons I'll share with you if you're willing... and she couldn't be happier.

It’s important to solve the right problem first so you can wake up each morning and do exactly what you want because you’ve got the independence and resources to do so.

Let me share with you how I discovered the importance of rebuilding your money foundations before you do anything else. It's the problem you must solve first.

I got to the point where I became so fed up I cried... "enough's enough!"

As I struggled over the years, I slowly began to realise that earn, spend and borrow cycles weren’t my fault.

They’re just an inevitable aspect of social engineering.

It had to be social engineering because I could see everybody doing the same things. And even though people say they’d rather be enjoying more freedom, they continued to lock themselves in cycles of earn, spend and borrow.

And that's why the social engineering you've been exposed to over the years is so powerful. Rather than encouraging your financial freedom, society encourages your indebtedness in order to make sure you stay within Old Mother Hubbard’s experiences of working hard without ever getting ahead.

When I first tried to break free of these patterns… I was mocked, scorned, and “given some friendly advice”!

Very few people were supportive of me breaking free from normality because it somehow embarrassed them.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of negative attitudes, you’ll know what I mean…

One day, things began to change and that's when I discovered the pathway to the success that had eluded me for so many years.

How watching a lady knit changed my life forever

I was on a train when I caught myself staring at the hands of a lady knitting a jumper. She seemed a little frustrated because the pattern wasn’t working.

As she struggled on, it became obvious to her that she’d made a mistake in the lower half of the pattern and, if she kept knitting, the jumper wouldn’t finish properly.

She worked out where the mistake was, and as if by magic, she found a way to pick up the stitch and move forward again.

As I watched that lady’s hands, I had a flash of clarity…

I suddenly realised that if social engineering had taught me to surrender my potential for prosperity and independence, then it must be possible to reverse engineer this process by replacing old money foundations with new money foundations.

I realised that all I had to do was change my beliefs, emotions and psychology.

And that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Instead of starting with “How To” strategies; I concentrated on learning about the history of money, the manipulation of spending, the conditioning of mass marketing, the psychology of crowd behaviour and the evolution of the human mind.

I discovered how social engineers condition their citizens to adopt particular types of attitudes when it came to money.

The understanding I gained over time, allowed me to develop a series of steps to counter their money conditioning and move me forward in a new direction.

When I felt my new money foundations were strong enough, only then did I start concentrating on "How To" make more money strategies themselves.

My transformation from penniless potter to millionaire freedom took approximately 3.8 years and I’ve never looked back.

Since then, I’ve become a mentor to countless people who've wanted similar results.

I’ve assembled all the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over the past 20 years and created a weekly online teaching, learning, and support program.

Everything you need is now in one place. And each week I’m available for mentoring and answering your important and timely questions.

You’ll never be stuck again because you’ll have breakthrough after breakthrough especially when you join our group of supportive like minded people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for security and financial independence or you want to ramp your results to the max so you can travel the world and tick off every item on your bucket list...

I’ve designed each step to point directly towards rebuilding your money foundations so you can do what you want. It's your best chance of becoming financially free.

To build a tall skyscraper, you need deep foundations first. The deeper the foundations, the taller you can build.

Becoming a profitable share trader, or Internet marketer, or real estate entrepreneur, or running a successful business, or expanding a business, is exactly the same process.

The deeper the foundation of your learning, and the more mentor support you get, the more successful you become.

The power of mentoring is unsurpassed in its productiveness and its power to support your increased profitability. Mentoring is a proven way of accessing your very own private, personal and professional mastermind. In fact, the proven productivity and effectiveness of mentoring is unrivalled..

In fact, research indicates that the power of personalised mentoring consistently returns between 500% and 800% on the costs of your mentoring. (Source: David Rock. Results Coaching Systems).

Imagine... getting a return of between 500% and 800% on your input costs.

But you can do better than this because I'll show you how rebuild your money foundations into a lifestyle that’s the envy of others.

Let me introduce you to ...

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program...

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is a live online weekly mentoring program designed to accelerate you to the 3% of adults who enjoy financial independence. It begins by understanding how the social engineers have manipulated your emotions and psychology so that you remain both time and money distressed.

The program begins with a series of videos on the powerful psychological tools used by society's social engineers... “Conspicuous Consumption, Affluenza and The Philosophy of Futility”.

The videos move through various Social Engineered forms of Consumption and finish with The Psychology of Money.

When you watch these videos, you immediately understand why rebuilding your money foundations is an absolute must.

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program represents the complete series of learning steps I'll take you through so that you can get similar results to Jane or Scott who we met earlier.

Just like the lady had to pick up a stitch because the pattern wasn’t working out… if you want new freedom and independence, you have to change the money foundations conditioned into you by society's social engineers.

And that’s exactly what The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program does.

It’s jammed packed with everything I’ve taught to live audiences for the last 16 years.

It includes my unique Lucrative Income System… the step by step process I use to generate multi 6 and 7 figure incomes every year without having to stress, worry or work myself to the bone.

You get it all… I’ve left nothing out… and I’ll support you every week via my live Q&A mentoring sessions.

Join the 3% who achieve financial freedom!

If you’ve read this far, I want to congratulate you because you must be serious about your future.

One of the things that concern me the most is the unhappiness that results from uncertainty because of rocketing prices and increasing health care costs.

It’s hard to watch the daily expressions of worry, concern, and regret on people’s faces. Day by day, frustration slowly builds because freedom slips further away.

Without new money foundations, you have nowhere to turn when rising education costs, parking fees, transport and child care costs take more from your income each month. It wares you down and that’s when arguments start.

Financial dis-stress harms the happiness you could be experiencing each day because you've gained the confidence to outwit the social engineers.

You don't have to slave away year after year chasing a promise that will never arrive. Even slaves of yesteryear could earn their freedom through work... but now it’s almost impossible.

If you value learning, let me save you time and money by sharing my knowledge and skills with you. Learn everything you need in order to begin a new phase of your life.

Don't keep losing more time and money by trying to do everything by yourself.

The major challenge you’ll face is failing to recognise that you’ve been conditioned to lose money… not make money.

Debt means you keep spending future money and this can never lead you to independence.

Everybody sees everybody else doing the same thing. And because of this, everything appears normal.

But it’s not… it’s manipulated.

It's the Captains of Consumption that make huge profits... not you.

That’s why things haven’t worked for you in the past and why they won’t work until you rebuild your money foundations.

I hope that day comes sooner than later. Otherwise you might end up like the businessman in the cartoon who has to keep working for another thirty five years.

The lack of financial freedom is a learned outcome. But you can quickly change that...

Within the status quo, you spend years learning your way into the absence of economic and personal freedom. And once you’re there, socially engineered processes keep you trapped in cycles of earn... spend... and borrow... until you retire.

But you can reverse this process. All you have to do is direct what I'll teach you towards your new destiny.

By rebuilding your money foundations, you “unlearn” old money habits and replace them with new money habits.

It’s not difficult to do if you know the right steps. And if you do the right things first it’s much easier than you think.

It’s simply a matter of watching one video I'll send you each week. Then practicing a sequence of steps and getting on a live weekly mentoring call with me and a group of like minded individuals.

If you can't make a session... no problems... you can email your questions in advance and I'll record my answers and put them into your membership area. You can review sessions whenever you like. It's totally flexible.

Change happens faster when you’re nurtured in a mentor environment that supports your economic and personal freedom. It never happens if you remain in an environment that promotes the "continuation of earn... spend... & borrow....

It’s a matter of learning your way out of "normality" and into freedom.

To a certain point you can do some of your learning through weekend seminars, workshops, webinars, videos and books... but it’s not the whole truth.

Books and seminars give you content... but it's expensive and they don't give you live and timely support. But content alone can’t teach you how to recondition your emotions, behaviours, habits, thoughts, mental processes and attitudes when it comes to making more money.

Change happens when you get someone to hold you accountable for your new learning.

Apart from teaching you all the steps you need to take, my mentoring encourages you to practice the steps you need to take.

Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

That’s exactly what The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program does. It's your new mentoring model that makes your old money model obsolete.

But you need to put in the time because true learning requires practice... And that’s exactly what all successful people have in common.

They made a determined decision to practice the right steps in the right order.

Your ultimate solution is a new model that dissolves the “social engineering” that’s been holding you back for years.

This is where The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program’s personal mentoring and business mentorship speeds your success.

My weekly Q&A sessions help you understand and apply each step in this program so that you accelerate your learning and gain the experiences you need.

To be successful, you need two beliefs...

Firstly: you need a belief in yourself that you can change and get out from under the weight of previous social engineering.

Secondly: you need a belief in my ability to support you just like I’ve supported hundreds of others over the past 16 years.

When you do the right things first, results can come quickly

My personal success came about because I worked on new ideas for about an hour a week...

I unlearned and then relearned… I took small steps in the right direction.

Each step accumulated into the freedom and independence I now experience.

Now I use my professional success to mentor others in how to follow the same steps I used to become successful. You can see some of their results below.

The point is that your new results can happen quickly.

Your results can change just as quickly as mine did.

By applying the information in the Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program videos I'll send you each week, you'll be able to change your results quickly. I was able to get myself out of debt and make more money in the first 6 months of starting than I had ever made in my first 40 years.

BUTdon’t take my word for it. Here’s how quickly others have turned their money results around.

Stefanie is a dentist working in a clinic on a casual basis because the clinic can’t employ her full time. Stefanie’s short term goal was more income from a different source than dentistry.

I mentored Stefanie in understanding how the brain makes important decisions and how to gain access to the motivational criteria people use so that more people say yes more often.

Now she's developed a new niche enterprise and couldn't be happier.

Dr. Stefanie Toerien


Within a short period of time I have increased my income by 25% simply by applying the things I learned. And have felt a sense of achievement which 12 months ago I never thought would be possible."

Monica is a single mum of two beautiful girls. Her personal circumstances over the past few years would break the spirit of most people. But she was determined to keep moving forward.

More than anything else, Monica wanted to quit her job and be at home with her girls so that she could be with them on important occasions... and be a full-time family.

Monica practiced the same steps I'll take you through and she applied her new skills to the Internet. Her transformation has been remarkable.

Monica Meakins


Working with Paul Counsel was the best decision I ever made. Having owned several businesses in the past, I was exhausted from working 70 hours a week for little return. In 2013, I decided to become an employee again, thinking it would give me a relaxed work-life balance. Boy was I wrong! I was more stressed than ever.

Then I met Paul Counsel. Through his mentoring and guidance, I have been able to work from home for the last 12 months, earning income from over 10 different sources.

My income is higher than it's ever been and I get to be home with the kids. If I knew what I know now, back when I was a business owner, my business would have generated so much more income.

Imagine... moving into the future with more confidence, certainty and money.

Most people roller coaster between their problem and wanting to solve it. That’s why I made sure that my mentoring program includes weekly mentoring sessions where I check on your progress and make sure you’re doing the right things at the right time.

But I can't help everyone... some people just don't want to be helped. There’s no system or process I know of that can help everyone. And while I wish I could, I know it’s not really possible.

However, what I’ve been able to achieve is to help a significant number of people move forward and experience new careers, greater levels of income and more independence then they've ever had.

And now it's your turn. I can help you become successful, if you want to be helped. I’ve combined the content of my Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program with my personal guidance and mentoring.

When you combine content AND support, more people succeed. Others have taken advantage of this learning and support... why not you.

And if you're at all hesitant or skeptical, don't worry... I completely understand. That's why I'll buy the first month for you so that you can prove to yourself that you honestly do want to succeed.

Imagine... gaining a five to eight hundred percent increase in time, money and freedom because you’ve learned how to develop a prosperous life.

Imagine... what your co-workers will say as you leave work for the last time and pull out of the car park in your new car.

Imagine... paying off your mortgage and never having to worry or argue about money ever again.

Imagine... going from a virtual unknown to becoming the centre of attention and everybody wanting to know your secret behind traveling the world ticking off your bucket list.

Imagine... being known as the "go to" person because you're an action taker who makes things happen.

Imagine... feeling unstoppable because you've learned to take the right bold but effective actions.

Imagine... gaining the skills and support you need to creatively conquer any personal or professional obstacle you may face from now on.

Imagine... these powerful new insights allowing you achieve your important outcomes with more speed, certainty, and comfort while, at the same time, feeling less risk.

The real secret behind the Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is not how you’re going to escape your present conditions! There are lots of “how to” books that can teach you that.

The real secret lies in preparing your mind to effortlessly transition from old money habits to new money freedom…

Perhaps you’re ready to go from broke to multi-millionaire like I did.

Perhaps you just want greater freedom and independence.

As mentioned earlier, the Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is a series of videos, mp3’s and slide notes designed to support the outcomes you want.

It includes live weekly Q&A group mentoring sessions and hot seats for those who want extra focus.

Hot seats are where I focus just on you and they’re designed to encourage the “unlearning” and “relearning” you need in order to access more money, independence, freedom and happiness.

The hot seat can be any topic you’re comfortable discussing whether it be business, money or professional and personal development.

It’s easy to obtain the solutions you’re looking for when you’re focused on a series of step by step instructions.

But why should you listen to me...

Why should you believe me...

...especially when there are literally hundreds of “opportunities” being marketed every day?

And that’s the secret… most opportunities are coming to you from marketers, not necessarily people who have actually achieved servitude busting results.

I’m going to show you the system I’ve used every year for the past 20 years to achieve levels of success that others dream of.

I’ve used it to author and publish six books...

I’ve used it to win a gold medal in marathon canoeing and set new records...

I’ve used it to transform myself from penniless potter to multimillionaire...

I’ve used it to build four ideas into successful multimillion dollar businesses from the ground up...

I’ve used it to turn run down rentals into million dollar mansions...

I’ve used it to turn lost health into new vitality...

I’ve used it to enter university as a mature age student and become the first person in Australia to be awarded a Doctorate in my field of practice...

I’ve used it to win a prestigious teaching fellowship from one of Australia’s leading universities...

I’ve used it to become a successful mentor to others. LinkedIn describes me as being in the top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia for business strategy...

I’ve used it to mentor people just like you to new levels of business and personal success.

I’ve used it to teach people how to become successful platform entrepreneurs.

I’ve used it to build a new wellness technology that won a significant Government grant.

I don’t say any of this to brag... I’ve described these achievements just to give you an indication of how powerful the system I'll share with you is... and why it’s worth taking an opportunity to apply it to your own set of circumstances.

If you want a more fulfilling... just say YES!

The status-quo will always keep you broke. And once you understand this, together we can build your new future. Here’s exactly what you get with The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program…

  • You’ll have a clear set of Instructions… the same foundations I used to transform myself from a penniless potter to a multimillionaire who can now share this experience with you.
  • You’ll learn my Lucrative Income System… It’s the system I’ve used to generate multiple six and seven figure incomes every year since 1998, even through the Global Financial Crisis.
  • You’ll generate light bulb moments all over the place as you realise why things haven’t worked in the past and which steps you need to take now.
  • You’ll be admired by your family, your work colleagues and many others wishing they could also leave work for the last time and live the freedom you’ll be living.
  • You’ll get my ongoing support… this is not just a program where you buy a series of video’s and mp3’s and then never hear from the program creator again until they want you to buy something else.
  • You’ll get access to a group of like minded people who share their experiences on each Q&A mentoring session. You get to listen in as they motivate each other by sharing each step on their unique journey.
  • You’ll receive the shortcuts I’ve developed over the years to save you time, money and heartache by wondering what the next step is or trying to figure everything out by yourself.
  • You’ll gain a boost in confidence as soon as you get access to the first Money Mastery 3% Acceleration video. Something deep inside will click because you’ve finally found exactly what you’ve been looking for.
  • You’ll experience pride and confidence… because you’ve found a deep understanding of how prosperity works and how you can draw it into your life easily and quickly. You’ll be so excited about your future success.
  • You’ll accelerate your dreams… because you’ve got the exact same blueprint that took me from a struggling potter (clay artist) to successful multimillionaire. As a matter of fact, the confidence you’ll feel will make it more certain that you’ll achieve the success you’re about to experience.
  • You’ll be learning directly from the creator of the Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program… and you’ll be given opportunities to fine tune your strategies.
  • You’ll have a step by step blueprint and action plan… and you’ll feel that you’re flourishing and thriving. No more mistakes, or losing more money and time. I’ll make sure you’re doing the right things at the right time.
  • You’ll have exposure to strategies that others have already used successfully… I’ve been teaching this program for over 16 years now. This alone should boost your confidence so that you feel certain about taking direct action on experiencing more freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • You'll have a blueprint that allows you to move at your own pace… this saves you time and energy. You can fit each series of videos into your current lifestyle so you don’t have to rush. It takes the worry and stress away from needing to do the next step in a certain amount of time or figuring out what to do next… And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home wherever you are.
  • You’ll learn how to use the right emotions for effective decision making… so that you can easily trigger positive “pleasure/rewards circuits” that save you time and energy by allowing you to double your productivity while halving your effort.
  • You’ll learn how to clear your mind of clutter… and you’ll understand the importance of white space and clear imagery in your mind. This is particularly important if you live or work in crowded environments because it allows you to cut through busyness and re-energise your motivation.
  • You’ll understand how your brain is designed to “mirror” those around you… this is important because it encourages you to move away from status-quo normality and associate with like minded people so that you can achieve more time, money and freedom more easily and with more certainty.
  • You’ll understand why a “right way thinking” mindset encourages the status-quo... This means you’re always held back because you’re at effect, not at cause. I’ll show you how to burst through your own subconscious limits.
  • You’ll know when to place the correct step in the right sequence… break this pattern and your prosperity efforts lose their effectiveness. You’ll learn how to implement clear strategies for more compelling results with more confidence.
  • Discover how neuro-research is re-writing the rules for cutting edge success... When, the primal, emotional sections of your brain are triggered, they react in milliseconds at a precognitive level. You’ll use this knowledge to effect speedier change for yourself.
  • Learn why emotions are precognitive, immediate and unambiguous… and why they’re unaffected by language, culture or education. When you use certain emotions they do the heavy lifting for you... and this gives you more time to relax.
  • You’ll learn how to stimulate core mechanisms in your subconscious mind… so they help you achieve your desires for prosperity, freedom and choice faster.
  • You’ll understand why Wallace D Wattles said… “You don’t get rich by doing certain things; you get rich by doing things in a certain way.” By “things in a certain way”, he meant concentrating on your money foundations so you save costly mistakes and time.
  • You’ll learn to do the right things, in a certain way… like any formula, it’s important to put all the ingredients in the right order so that you achieve the outcomes you want.
  • You’ll break through financial barriers... and feel financially secure and abundant, so you can focus on your important creative inspirations and contributions.
  • You’ll learn how to embrace the inner game of confidence… and put an end to the money manipulation that’s been going on for decades. Your new confidence will give you an immediate and lasting behavioural change.
  • You’ll be able to express your most strongly held core values… and project a more confident self image. Your personal and professional circles of influence will grow as more people learn valuable things from you.
  • You’ll learn the easiest way to establish a good chemistry with your inner self… you’ll say, “This is something I want to continually feel because the new me feels so good.”

In summary… The Money Mastery3% Acceleration Program…has three unique features.

First, it offers you a step by step mentoring program for business and financial success.

Second, it offers you the experience of personal coaching and mentoring so you can manage to create personal change more easily.

Third, it offers you mentor hot seats where the focus is on you and your needs. You’ll have fun with a group of like minded people and be inspired by some of the world’s leading mentors from different walks of life.

It’s not just me who’s achieved lucrative new results, countless others have as well. It's been a privilege to be part of their breakthrough results.

Some achieved their success by concentrating on each step for 60 minutes per month.

Some went a little faster by focusing on each step for 60 minutes a week. Others focused like a laser beam for 60 minutes a day and got even quicker results.

For example…

Marco Robinson… and his wife were struggling to put their children through school and maintain their expat lifestyle in Malaysia. Then, one of the worst things imaginable happened... They lost their life savings because of poor advice and a share market crash.

To complicate things, the company Marco was working for went bust and Marco lost his secure salary. More than anything else, Marco wanted to fire his boss and gain more independence.

“I discovered who and what to avoid at all costs, because the information they gave was wrong and actually kept me trapped in a life of boredom, financial frustration and struggle.”

Through personal mentoring, Marco was able to apply his new learning. He went from dead flat broke to generating 8 figure incomes in a few short years. He’s become an award winning author, he's developed several award winning companies, become a model, a film actor, a producer and a philanthropist.

Marco Robinson... #1 Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Renowned Property Investor, Developer and Educator.

Kevin Staffa... Kevin is a commercial lawyer with his own thriving practice. He wants to retire soon but neither he nor his wife want to compromise their retirement lifestyle.

So Kevin’s short-term goal was to produce an income stream independent from his legal practice. He wanted this income to be portable so he and his wife could travel the world and create new adventures.

Kevin Staffa

Commercial Lawyer

Despite my demanding work-load running my own commercial law practice I committed to undertake both of Paul’s programmes throughout 2014. I can say without doubt that although it’s been a confronting journey it has been of priceless value.

Not only have Paul’s courses given me new skills and new hope, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm and drive. I have more certainty, and the side benefit of the camaraderie of working with like-minded people who are taking the same journey.

I’ve achieved a lot, already, but with what I have learned from Paul this is only the beginning.

Nicole Ashby… Nicole was a struggling stuck at home mum looking after three young children. Her husband worked away for four weeks at a time in the oil and gas industry.

It was an incredibly stressful lifestyle for Nicole, her husband and their three children. Nicole’s short term goal was to earn enough extra income so her husband could quit work, come home and be a family again.

Nicole achieved her goal quickly and went on to build a multi six figure business supporting thousands of other fly in fly out mining families.

Nicole Ashby

       Award winning entrepreneur... Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist 2014... & 2015. Founder and Managing Director of FOFO Families Pty Ltd

I tell you, this man Paul Counsel is amazing and FIFO Families would never have come into existence if I had not worked with him! If I could wish for one thing, it would be that every person I know has the opportunity to work with Paul!

Lisa Mirtsopoulos… Lisa was a dump truck driver in the mining industry. And while this paid good money, there was no real future. More than anything, Lisa wanted an alternate source of income.

Lisa found the support she needed to develop her entrepreneurial spirit and is now a successful share trader and business woman. She’s been recognised as one of the top ten most influential women in mining in Australia and one of the top 100 most influential women in mining worldwide.

Lisa Mirtsopoulos

Top 100 Global International Women in Mining

I’ve reached my dreams and desires quicker, more efficiently and with more enjoyment. I can now capitalise my time, energy, and effectiveness. It’s just pure genius!

Daniel Colgan... Daniel was helping run the family construction business but the long hours and the stress of commercial contracts was not only crushing his spirit and health, he was spending fewer quality hours with his young family.

Daniel wanted more work/life balance, to work less hours and to experience an alternative lifestyle. He wanted less stress, more enjoyment and more family time.

WINNER 2012 Western Australian Heritage Awards- Best Adaptive reuse
WINNER 2011 HIA Green Smart – Development of the Year
WINNER 2011 Town of Vincent – Building Design Sustainability Award
COMMENDATION 2011 Royal Australian Institute Architects (WA) Multiple Residential
WINNER 2010 Master Builders Association for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Daniel Colgan

M.D. Colgan Industries

Paul Counsel’s step by step program progressively built the emotional, psychological and intellectual foundations I required to create, implement and maintain real meaningful change in my life. How I think about the things in my life is so different now.

  Michael McDonaldSoftware Engineer

As if by magic my life has instantly taken a turn for the better thanks to the new thinking patterns I've learnt from Paul Counsel. The most important benefit I got is 'hope' about my future. Don't leave it as late as I did before taking action to change your circumstances.

  Elizabeth O'BrienM.D. Walking On Clouds

Paul Counsel is a unique talent. He has a crystalline charisma and enthralls his audience with his dynamic and powerful approach. He is a natural motivator, a bit of soothsayer and incredibly inspirational. He reminds us of how we can rekindle our passions and look at our world through fresh eyes.

  Caroline BadmintonMarketer, Owner "Publicity Tree"

I can confidently say that working with Paul has been the foundation for the rest of my learning. The insight it has given me into the crazy workings of my mind has been incredible and just what I needed to give definition to my struggles, moments of fogginess and wavering levels of motivation.

  Yvette DiazVideographer, Founder - Astute Digital Marketing

Before working with Paul, I was doing work that was physically demanding, rushed and low paid. The work environment was negative, unsupportive and generally unhappy. I had no money for travelling, or socialising activities that involved extra costs. The small business that I was running on the side was barely making a profit.

The mentoring I received from Paul Counsel helped me develop business partnerships that lead to increased income. He saved me massive amounts of time and energy going down paths that are unproductive or unsustainable.

I now have my living expenses covered by small businesses that hire me for video marketing assistance. I’m paid to develop skills that are in demand and lead to greater income and opportunities. I work from home. I’ve had many many videos ranked on the 1st page of Google.

Just like hundreds of people already achieving their dream lifestyles, your new future is just one piece of information ahead of you.

Here's exactly what you get...

When you join The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Programvia your special membership site...

  • You’ll receive three or four videos a month into your membership area that’s especially designed for easy access. There’s lots of bonus content waiting for you already.
  • You receive a full set of audio recordings of each video so you can easily listen to them while you’re travelling, or exercising, or just chilling out. This makes implementing each step so much easier because you can learn while you’re relaxing…
  • You’ll receive a memory bank of recorded Q&A sessions so you won’t miss out. You can listen to them over and over again. Each mentoring session is recorded and placed in your membership area.
  • You can join my weekly Q&A mentoring sessions designed to help you fine tune each step of your “New Future”. You’ll succeed over and over and over again… because you've been able to find a mentor who gives you more confidence and support…
  • You’ll get a full set of slide notes of each video so that you can make column notes as you go. You can also note questions as they arise. Be sure to ask them on our weekly Q&A mentoring program.
  • You’ll get more than 18 years of proven personal coaching and mentoring experience that make building and launching your “Prosperity Outcomes” faster and easier…
  • You’ll get the chance for hot seat experiences where you can take your learning to entirely new levels rather than trying to do all the learning by yourself.

"At $1.50 per day, it's less than 1/3 of your daily cuppa!"

I’ve spent in excess of $300,000 of my own money mentoring with the best mentors around the world... and, for a fraction of that price; you’ll get the benefits of what I’ve learned and implemented over the past 20 years.

But the value doesn’t stop there.

My private mentoring clients pay $17,900 for twelve months of personal one on one mentoring so they can rocket their results by having me tailor each step to their individual needs.

But, for less than one third of the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you’ll get similar access when you get The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program in your hands.

Three very special bonuses...

          Unique bonus #1...

Each year, I take a special group of people on our Annual Mentoring Retreat. It's held in a different exotic location each year and represents an enormous opportunity to connect with some of the world’s most productive mentors in a relaxed resort lifestyle.

Normally, you’d need to spend thousands of dollars to even get near these mentors… but for you its free...

As part of your Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program… you receive a “Free Ticket” to our Annual Mentoring Retreat…

You’ll save $2,997 because your free ticket is part of your membership. All you have to do is get yourself there and book your own accommodation.

          Unique bonus #2...

Guest Q&A mentoring sessions with people who have achieved enormous success already. You’ll get their unique and valuable perspective and hear firsthand about their ups and downs, their successes and how they overcame the hurdles they faced.

          Unique bonus #3...

Access to a closed group on Google Plus and FaceBook where you can ask questions, interact and learn from others who have already been through, or are currently on the Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program. This is where I interact on most days and post new material relevant to the journey ahead. It’s a great community of like minded people prepared to help others succeed.

Here's the real value that you're getting:

Annual Mentoring Retreat in November of each year.

Weekly Question and Answer Mentoring Sessions ... $250 per hour for 48 weeks.

11 months of recorded live video content ... 

Value = $2,997.00

Value = $24,000.00

Value = $14,300.00

Total Value = $41,297.00

The total value is based on individual prices paid for each of the programs and working one on one with me.

But all this is yours for a fraction of this price because I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program has one powerful outcome for you.

"The Prosperity That Allows You To Enjoy A Lifestyle On Your Own Terms With Full Confidence"

If you measure the total value of what you’ll receive in terms of time, money and effort… the cost of The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is easily worth $2,997.00 as a standalone product.

If you were to do all this learning by yourself, you could easily spend between $15,000 and $35,000... especially when you include seminar fees, airfares and accommodation.

But the thing I want more than anything else is not money… I’m already financially free.

Therefore… I don’t want $2997.00

I don’t even want half of that amount... $998.50.

Nor even half of that again... $499.25.

If you have one coffee per day, it's totally worth the $147.00 per month you’d spend on coffee.

But you can get your hands on this information and the mentoring support that goes with it for a fraction of the cost of your daily coffee.

All I want is one third of the cost of one coffee per day and your ongoing commitment to applying the lessons I’ll share with you.

What I need more than anything else is your commitment to learning so you can gain the success you want.

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is yours for $47 USD per month. Less than 1/3 the cost of a daily coffee …

You can search the entire internet and you won't find better value anywhere!

I want to get this information into your hands as soon as possible because that’s the powerful mission I want The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program to achieve…

Your new outcomes are as close as saying YES to the actions you know you need to take. The learning along with the coaching and mentoring you receive can be done from the comfort of your own home. No more costly travel and no more costly gurus...

For just $1.50 per day, you can begin immediately.

If you don't like it, you don't have to stay.

If you find it valuable... it's just $47usd per month until you no longer require support. No contracts, no pressure, just a positive and supportive environment.

Start now and receive all the learning and support that’s coming your way:

  • weekly live Q&A mentoring sessions…
  • ​approx 8 hrs of video content per month into your special membership area…
  • ​slide notes of all slides…
  • ​mp3 audio recordings of all videos...
  • ​a free ticket to the Annual Mentoring Retreat…
  • ​access to a mastermind group of like minded people...
  • opportunities for personal hot spots that focus on your needs…
  • access to a variety of mentors including myself…

When you add all this together, it's a powerful recipe for finally getting the prosperous lifestyle you truly deserve.

Don’t lose your opportunity for a brand new lifestyle especially in these troubling economic times... you've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let's Reflect...

This program is not for everyone… and it’s not intended to be. Some people still believe it’s possible to “get rich quick” and they’ll keep chasing the next shiny object that comes along.

But don’t believe in them, I promise you they don’t exist. And I don’t want you to lose more time and money chasing empty promises... they're too expensive.

And even if they did exist, trying to build new enterprise on old money foundations simply never works.
It’s why lottery winners quickly lose their money.

No matter how much you win or earn, if you leave your old money foundations in place… you’ll eventually lose it all.

Because I only work with genuine people who truly understand the value of the coaching and mentoring that I'm offering you, I purposely keep enrollments in The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program low because I can’t physically mentor large groups of people.

So you’ll have to act quickly because, as you can imagine, at just $47 for an incredible amount of personal coaching and mentoring, my annual quota fills quickly…

In addition, each year, I can only offer The Annual Mentoring Retreat to a certain number of people… then this bonus goes back in the vault.

So don’t delay. If you think this program is suitable for you... you’ll want to get your hands on it right now!

Just think about the possibilities… for $47 per month (after a few months) you could be generating an extra $100 per day or an extra $36,500 per year. (Note: amounts are illustrative only)

Think of the future income you’d be missing out on by not taking immediate action.

You’d also be missing out on inspired happiness, greater connection with an inspired community of liked minded people and the potential freedom that comes with the support you're being offered.

Imagine… what you could be doing with the extremely valuable dollars you could be earning over and above what you’re spending now... without having to work your fingers to the bone.

Imagine… getting results similar to those who’ve already completed this program and the camaraderie you could be sharing with them. And I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Right now, you’re in the right place at the right time, so I hope you take this opportunity ASAP.

Here's my confidence boosting guarantee...

To demonstrate my commitment to you...  trial the first month... and if you don't like it... or you don't think it fits your needs, I'll give you your money back plus an extra 50% on top for wasting your time.

You'll save time and potential embarrassment because you won’t have anything at risk. You’ll quickly discover that nothing beats learning with an inspiring community of like-minded people.

You won’t regret your decision, you won’t be disappointed and you won’t be risking anything.

Here's what this means for you...

In the first four weeks you’ll receive...

FOUR... Q&A Mentoring Sessions where you can listen in or ask me any question you like about the video content or anything of general interest to you.

SIX... Videos Taken In Front Of A Live Audience. Subjects Include:

1. Money Codes And Profit Levers: A potted history of my success over the past 16 years and the 5 Key Factors In Building Solid Money Foundations.

2. Money Codes And Enculturation: Why Einstein thought that most people practiced insanity when it comes to the lifestyle choices they make.

3. The Psychology Of The Selves: Understanding why your results are sometimes hard to change and what you can do to make sure you don’t get left behind.

4. The Operating Ego: A collection of “Selves” (sub-personalities) that prevent you from developing your potential.

5. Achieving Important Outcomes: Understanding the Free Ride Bias and why it seeks to prevent you from achieving more time... more money... & more freedom...

6. Free Plus $1: Explanation of the free plus $1 rule and why you need to develop your freedom team.

A full set of mp3 files of all videos.

A full set of notes of all slides used in the videos.

If you don’t wish to proceed beyond the first month, just let me know and that will be the end of it. I’ll refund your $'s no questions asked... plus the little bonus I promised.

But, you get to keep all the content above as well as the ticket to the Annual Mentoring Retreat. You’re still welcome to join us.

If you continue after 30 days, an automatic payment through PayPal of $47USD per month will occur.

You have my cancel anytime guarantee. It’s totally at your discretion and you keep everything you’ve received up to that point.

So take action now and we'll get started immediately

By now you’ll realise that as soon as you get The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program in your hands… your future success is going to be easier and much more prosperous.

Here’s what you need to do…

Take out your credit card, lean it against your computer screen so you can clearly see the credit card numbers and can use both hands on the keyboard.

Then click the Subscribe Now button… and type in the details requested. As soon as you’ve finished… click Send

A quick fire confirmation and resource access email will be sent to you… so make sure you use your correct email address.

As soon as you confirm your details through the special confirmation link… you’ll get automatic access to your Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program via our member’s area.

You’ll always know what to do next… you’ll understand the changes you need to make… and the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

If you delay now... you delay your future!

Remember this program is not for everyone. I only take a few committed people with me each year on their accelerated journey towards financial independence.

Your future is RISK FREE. If you don’t wish to proceed past the first month, just let me know and that will be the end of it.

If you continue, you’ll have the perfect financial and personal success strategy available whenever you need it... And you can speak directly with me each week on our weekly Q&A mentoring sessions.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.

Congratulations on your new sense of financial freedom.

Paul Counsel

P.S. When I was young, my grandmother would often quote Einstein… she’d remind her grandchildren that insanity is ‘doing the same things over and over and expecting different results’.

I’m sure you’ve heard this 100 times before. But I never really understood what my grandmother meant until I was 40. Then it all made sense. I had grown up learning to do the same things over and over but I was always wishing for different results.

Don’t let this happen to you…

P.P.S. I can help you rebuild your money foundations and take your results to the next level if you follow these proven steps... But only you can do the work of change itself. Over the past 16, I’ve developed a good track record of support. You’ve seen some of their success stories...

Your new future costs less than a third of a cup of coffee per day... You can’t possibly lose because it’s 100% guaranteed...

By now you’ll realise that with The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program in your hands, you get a step by step blueprint for the successes you want. You also get the support I’ve given to hundreds of now successful people.

Not only will I support you, you’ll be working with a special group of motivated, like minded people who share similar sets of values.

Disclaimer... I’m not a financial adviser and I don’t offer financial advice. I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results as me in the same amount of time.

What I can promise is that if you follow my proven step by step Money Master 3% Acceleration Program, you’ll be able to achieve a lifestyle based on more time… & more freedom with more certainty and confidence than ever before.