If you’re like me, you’ve seen figures suggesting that only 3% of the population achieve financial freedom while 97% remain within the status quo. I’ve always wondered why the 3% is always 3%... SURELY, with so much information around, lots of people are learning to become financially free these days. So why doesn’t the 3% grow?
Why isn’t it 10%?

One day it suddenly dawned on me that the 3% isn’t static... it’s dynamic.
People are moving in and out of the 3% all the time!

Some people move out because of silly mistakes, carelessness or they’re caught on the wrong side of market crashes.

Some people move out because of divorce or because they pass away and their wealth is divided between beneficiaries.
At the same time, other people move into the 3% because they’ve learned how to become financially free and they’ve put time and energy into making this a reality.

And that’s great news for you because it means you can become one of the 3%. But this represents a potential challenge. Even though you might desire to be financially free, if your situation is “not bad enough” you won’t leave your comfort zone in order to make financial freedom a reality for you.

Another challenge is not knowing how to effectively sort through the mountain of information that’s available in order to discover what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense.

By the time you’ve figured out whether or not you can trust the information, you can end up spending thousands of dollars and still not be any closer to the ultimate lifestyle you want. Unfortunately, not all content providers have your best interests at heart.

Some will try to sell you everything they can and then disappear... or enroll you in more expensive programs.

In the rapidly changing economy of today, not only are scams on the increase, more and more people are losing their dreams along with their life savings to clever marketers who promise you the world but deliver little value. Not only is this expensive in terms of time and money... it’s expensive in terms of emotional and psychological well being. When you get taken for a ride, you lose trust and confidence. You might even feel embarrassment and regret so you find ways to numb out and shut down.

When this happens, you face another challenge... which is perhaps the biggest danger of all: falling back into old habits which produce the same results over and over again. So what’s the answer?

In reality, the answer is that you need to make changes... you need to create new money habits. But you also need to make the “right” changes otherwise mistakes will cost you more time and money.

That's why I've created a membership program called The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program that offers you both content and mentoring.

Let me explain the reasoning for this.

More than at any other time in history, people are looking for more freedom and better ways to generate lifestyle incomes independent of jobs.

They also want more meaningful experiences on a daily basis. It’s one of the biggest social changes taking place today.

The number of people moving towards self determination and financial independence is increasing because the information that’s available is more reliable and there’s more personalised support available.

Without a doubt, the key factors fanning this change are increased levels of stress being felt because more people lack time, money and location freedom. Over the past decade, especially since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9, financial stress has increased the disharmony being felt by millions of people. Decreasing happiness, decreasing finances and decreasing quality of life experiences are becoming the “norm”.

Every day, we witnesses people commuting to work in crawling lines of traffic that move slower and slower each year.

Feelings of insecurity are increasing on crowded public transport. More people are arriving at workplaces that demand more of them while giving less to them.

Increasing dis-stress means diminishing joy, satisfaction, purpose, meaning and fulfilment. Not only does this prevent you from doing what you love, it prevents you from doing the things you were really meant to do.

What if you could accelerate your ability to join the 3% doing exactly what they love to do?

Imagine having more enterprise... along with more free time, more disposable income and more independent freedom.
It’s these four outcomes that I help my high end mentoring clients achieve.

Now it’s your chance to get access to similar outcomes for yourself.

Imagine doing work that was not only more purposeful, it was more joyful and fulfilling. What if you could feel more self expressed and more creative while making a more meaningful contribution to those around you?

This is exactly what greater financial self expression and self determination allow you to do.

How would this make you feel? What would you be able to achieve? What dreams could you realise?

But first things first: the main reason why most people don’t have access to more enterprise... more free time... more disposable income... and more independent freedom... is because of the conditioning they’ve received during their development years

Unfortunately, unless this conditioning changes, the status quo remains within the conditioning of Consumption Code Living where constant cycles of earn, spend and borrow reinforce the daily grind.

This drains you of confidence towards future profitability and independence.

Free time becomes a distant memory while personal and financial stress remain ever present.

Unfortunately, this rapidly changing and uncertain economic climate is not going to resolve itself anytime soon. The stresses and strains felt during the Global Financial Crisis are still here and will take decades to fix.

Those who remain within Consumption Code Living will not be able to plan their future with any sense of certainty or clarity.

Forecasts for economic growth around the world are decreasing... not increasing. And there’s increased expectations for round two of the Global Financial Crisis in coming years.

To my mind, the only thing you can do is take control of your financial destiny by educating yourself to the highest levels possible.

When you value knowledge and skill as the best investment of your time and energy... And when you value confidence over confusion and freedom over mass conditioning, you begin to reap the benefits of the 3%.

You experience more enterprise... more free time... more disposable income... and more independent freedom...

One of the most exciting developments over the past decade is the huge amount of new information that’s currently available. Information on every aspect of financial freedom, wealth creation and making more money is available everywhere you look.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing products, information, content, coaching, workshops or seminars, here’s a brief guide on what to look out for.

Be wary of marketing that uses lots of fear to motivate and drive behaviour. Fear is a poor substitute for good content.
You can easily spot it because it generally indicates something bad... some form of dire consequences happening to you if you don’t buy their programs.

Be wary of marketing that uses exaggerated promises that under deliver. Remember... the bigger the promise, the more impossible it is for them to deliver and the more impossible it is for most people to achieve.

Be wary of marketing that uses fame and celebrity and story. Celebrity is a powerful magnet for the masses. You can collect signatures and have photo opportunities at their seminars but the content and learning you'll receive is generally poor or non-existent. When you scratch the surface... there’s little value there for you.

Be wary of marketing that uses hypnotic language or presenters who use NLP and hypnosis from the stage. If you see hoards of people rushing to the back of the room to buy products or sign up for courses, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ve been “SOLD”! Unlike a myriad of other content providers,

I can’t pretend to know exactly what the “right” changes are for you in particular.

I’d need to get to know you better to even formulate a few authentic thoughts that could serve you well.

However, by describing a little of my personal background and how I made the transition from struggle to freedom, something might resonate within you.

And by describing how I’ve been supporting people over the past sixteen years to achieve the important outcomes they want for themselves... you might find the doorway to begin your own transition from the 97% to the 3%.

Basically, at the age of 40 I, like so many others, was really disillusioned with my lifestyle. Despite all the hard work I had put into it, I was no closer to having time and money freedom than the day I first started work. One day, an incident caused me to become so incredibly unhappy that I swore I’d never visit that feeling again. That’s the day I decided to change... and to make every step the “right” step. Less than four years later, the short story is that I became financially free.

Since that time, I’ve gone on to create four multimillion-dollar businesses from the ground up, helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom and have a record high 75% success rate in my personalised mentoring programs. (This success rate is measured by the number of people making more money than it cost for their tuition)

No other program in Australia offers such unique support.

Allow me to invite you deeper into my world of knowledge, experience, insights and support through my Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program.

It’s the only way I can authentically help you achieve your important goals; especially if you want to accelerate your success in terms of more enterprise... more free time... more disposable income... and more independent freedom...

Authentic support and learning can only be achieved through deeper levels of mentoring, trust and believability.

The Money Mastery3% Acceleration Program delivers meaningful content on a monthly basis into your membership site.

There’s no limit to the amount of content you can receive and there’s no limit to the questions you can ask on the live weekly Q&A mentoring sessions.

There’s no pressure, no contracts, no minimums or maximums... just your freedom to come or go as you please. What you get in return is the cutting edge information I’ll be sharing with you.

Ask me any “authentic” entrepreneurial, enterprise, lifestyle, business, personal, how to, or income generation question and if I can answer it I will... or I’ll tell you where you can find the answer.

Every month I send you new videos on important topics and every week I join you in a live Q&A mentoring session.

It's how I've helped others achieve authentic lifestyles based on more time… more money… more freedom… and more connected happiness.

In fact these results have been described as a “unique lifestyle” because they put you in a position of being able to take time off anytime you want.

It’s based on the reality of having enough time and money to enjoy the lifestyle you can envision for yourself.

Phase one of your transformation... is designed to help you get more time, money and freedom.

Phase two of your transformation... should you decide to continue, is a later step that helps you add more money to this lifestyle.

You can access The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program from any location with reliable access to the Internet.

Some of the 3% Acceleration Program benefits you’ll experience include the following...

  • You’ll learn to be guided by your unique style of genius so that you can accelerate your financial freedom.
  • You'll expand your influence, and renew your vitality because you won’t have to keep worrying about money.
  • You’ll save thousands of dollars and years of time because you’ll never have to spend more money on new products and costly information that doesn't work. Everything you need is delivered by a mentor who’s devoted to your growth, expansion and achievement. The value to you is more confidence and clarity in terms of each step you take.
  • You’ll be able to fast track the lessons you’ll learn through the weekly Q&A sessions so that you become more profitable in a shorter period of time.
  • You’ll be completely in control of your own destiny and you’ll no longer have to keep making your boss financially free while you remain in financial limbo.
  • You’ll be able to set yourself up so that more profits flow to you instead of spending all your income into the pockets of other people... most of whom are complete strangers. The benefits of living an inspired life that’s more energized, invigorated and fulfilling cannot be overstated.
  • You’ll streamline your learning because your deepest understanding will come when you ask questions and share in the questions of others. The live Q&A mentoring sessions with a group of “like minded” others ensure greater clarity, confidence and depth of confidence in the strategies you’ll learn to apply.
  • You’ll no longer waste precious time searching for everything you need. This means you’ll learn faster and more deeply so that you never forget a thing.
  • You’ll fast track your transformation so that you actually get to LIVE your choices... live your value... live your purpose, live your independence... live your adventures... live your freedom... live your desires... live your relationships... and be there for the ones you love when it matters the most.
  • You’ll be able to build an existence where everyday feels like a holiday because you’ll love what you’re doing, get paid handsomely for it and always feel in control.

Of course this is not going to happen over night and I can't even guarantee that it will happen for you. But what I can guarantee is that you’ll have the opportunity to mentor with me personally so that the results you want can happen more quickly than trying to do everything by yourself.

If you want to accelerate your learning, increase your opportunities, or improve your pay and promotion status... get this success information in your hands as quickly as you can.

Mentoring is a proven way to accelerate your profits and prevent you from making expensive mistakes. In fact, no other investment of time, money and energy can get close to the potential of mentoring for accelerating your achievements. Research indicates that the power of mentoring returns between 500% and 800% ROI on the costs of the mentoring. (Source: David Rock. Results Coaching Systems. Results are not to be taken as a promise or to be seen as typical)

The power of mentoring is unrivaled in terms of helping you to access more of your potential... the potential you can’t access by yourself.

One of the most important aspects is the mastermind immersion you experience. It’s immersion in a dynamic and supportive learning environment via weekly live Q&A sessions.

You not only get to speak to me directly, you get to listen to and exchange ideas with others in the 3% Acceleration Program. In fact, not only did Napoleon Hill recognise this as being critical to success, neuroscientists are now supporting this recognition with new research.

By embedding yourself in social reference groups that make it easier to change, your results change more rapidly.

The power of the “mastermind reference group” to support you is unrivalled.

When you learn in a group, it makes change more real for you.

Come and experience a unique combination of cutting edge information, a step by step, strategic and dynamic system that’s designed to help you experience important measurable outcomes such as those mentioned above.

It’s a dynamic system that works; it’s a process that gets results and it’s been proven by the successes I've helped others achieve every year for the past 16 years.

The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program is unique because, unlike other programs, it provides you with a ‘holistic’ approach to moving forward and achieving important tangible outcomes.

It concentrates a combination of Mind Mastery, Self Mastery, Financial Mastery and Authentic Entrepreneurial Mastery.

Essential understandings underpinning The Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program are contained in my weekend seminar covering all aspects of the Consumption Code.

You can see a free series of video shorts on The Social Engineering Of Consumption... Why Most Adults Will Never Be Financially Free & How You Can Change... CLICKING THIS LINK will take you there.

Hope to speak with you in person soon... Regards... Paul Counsel